Applications are due January 6, 2017.


The MedHealth Challenge is seeking innovative medical device and digital health solutions to help consumers, caregivers, providers, and supporting institutions know more about their health, driving appropriate utilization and improved health care options.

Currently, providers, consumers, and all health care stakeholders in Southeast Michigan and Southwest Ontario lack information or resources to help them make appropriate choices for accessing the right level of care, which often lead to unnecessary use of higher-cost resources. There is also significant opportunity for electronic health record (EHR) optimization, better linking information across the health care continuum creating more robust records of the consumers’ health, and empowering providers to recommend more appropriate health care decisions for the consumer. Specifically, we are seeking the submission of digital health and medical device concepts to address challenges in health data utilization and chronic disease monitoring.

Concepts May:

– Capture and curate health data in a meaningful way from a variety of information sources: diaries, wearables, logs, provider input, clinical health records, payment information and history, pharmacy & prescription information, clinical trial data, family health data, etc.

– Better link consumers, providers, and other key stakeholders to information about consumers’ behaviors and health, including web-based and mobile dashboards and applications

– Provide targeted, accurate, and timely guidance about recommended behavioral changes, care options, appropriate sites of care, consumer costs, and care delivery locations

– Integrate or work in parallel with EHRs

– Monitor chronic disease symptoms and treatment protocols to prevent readmission, optimize resource utilization, and drive improved outcomes

– Incorporate remote monitoring devices, telehealth, predictive analytics and machine learning

Key Dates:

November 7, 2016: MedHealth Challenge Pitch Competition and Pilot Program application opens

January 6, 2017: Application closes

February 6, 2017: Finalists notified

February 14, 2017: MedHealth Summit, including MedHealth Challenge

The MedHealth Challenge is an opportunity for innovators to submit medical device and digital health concepts to meet the needs of health providers.

Respondents will participate along two tracks:

Early Stage Companies

Early-stage companies will compete for cash and in-kind prizes, and finalists will be selected to participate the MedHealth Challenge Pitch Session during the MedHealth Summit.

Market-Ready Companies

Market-ready companies will apply to participate in the MedHealth Challenge Pilot Program. Finalists will have the opportunity to discuss their concepts with health care organizations in 1:1 matchmaking sessions during the MedHealth Summit, then partner with health care organizations to pilot their concepts.


What are the goals of the MedHealth Challenge?

With support from NEI, the MedHealth Summit Committee created this challenge to better understand how medical device and digital health innovations can help address the challenges health care organizations face in caring for patients and mitigating costs and inefficiencies in the health care system. The MedHealth Challenge aims to build interest within Southeast Michigan and Southwest Ontario’s tech community in designing viable products and solutions to address some of the most pressing health care problems, as well as demonstrate a business case for collaborative innovation in health care.

What are the benefits of the MedHealth Challenge for applying companies?

Through the MedHealth Challenge Pilot Program, market-ready companies will have the opportunity to showcase their products with health care providers by piloting their products, collecting feedback on how their tools are used and how effective they are, and further refining their business strategy. The MedHealth Summit Committee is also gathering commitments from health care providers and payers to enter into proof of concept pilot projects that offer the chance for permanent adoption of viable solutions after pilot periods are complete, creating the potential for long-term, paying customer relationships to arise from this Summit.

Through the MedHealth Challenge Pitch Competition, early-stage companies will have the opportunity to gain pivotal exposure to stakeholders, market leaders, and influencers in the health care market. Each submission will be reviewed by members of the MedHealth Summit Committee, and finalists will be asked to present their concept as a Part of the MedHealth Challenge Pitch Competition during the MedHealth Summit. Finalists will receive real-time and written feedback from industry expert judges, who will contribute valuable health care industry insights, ideas, and experiences. Additionally, cash and non-cash prizes will be awarded to three winners selected by the judges.

What are the benefits of the MedHealth Challenge for host organizations?

Host organizations, which will include Southeast Michigan and Southwest Ontario health care organizations, will be given the opportunity to learn about and even test out medical device and digital health solutions to critical challenges they face in caring for patients and mitigating costs and inefficiencies in the health care system. The MedHealth Challenge will help “de-risk” innovation by helping host organizations find formidable solutions, engage with potential pilot partners with resources to cover the pilot programs.

What are the eligibility requirements for applying to the MedHealth Challenge Pilot Program?

Applicants must:

  • be a legally established and incorporated business in Michigan or Canada;
  • have a fully-functioning product at the time of application submission or ready-for-market entry within 3 months post the Summit;
  • have the technical capacity to modify the product as may be required by the host organization for a pilot;
  • have the analytical capacity to collect and analyze data;
  • have the organizational capacity to maintain a strong and positive working relationship with the host organization
  • have been founded no earlier than February 1, 2012
  • have 3-25 employees with founders that are actively involved in its management
  • have revenues that do NOT exceed $5M USD on an annualized basis
  • not be a spin-off entity.

What are the eligibility requirements for applying to the MedHealth Challenge Pitch Competition?

In order to apply to be considered for the MedHealth Challenge Pitch Competition applicants must:

  • be a legally established and incorporated business;
  • have been founded no earlier than February 1, 2011
  • submit only one product/concept to the MedHealth Summit event.
  • founders of the applying company must retain some portion of ownership in the company
  • applying companies must not have raised over $3 million from combined funding sources.
  • product/concept must respond to at least one of the MedHealth Challenge categories

How can a company apply to the MedHealth Challenge?

The application will remain at the following webpage: The period for submissions will close on January 6, 2017.

How will company and host organization matches be made?

The MedHealth Summit Committee will review the submitted applications and make recommendations to host organizations for 1:1 matchmaking meetings to be held at the MedHealth Summit. After the Summit, host organizations will conduct follow-up phone or video interviews with the companies with which they are interested in partnering. Based on the results of these interviews, host organizations will select a pilot partner company. Together, the host organization and selected company will then create a joint project plan for the pilot, to be reviewed and approved by the MedHealth Summit Committee external subject-matter experts, as needed. Hosts are NOT obligated or required to make commitments for pilot projects.

Do companies need to be Michigan-based or Canadian in order to apply?

We are strongly encouraging companies based in Southeast Michigan and Southwest Ontario to apply. However, host organizations will be taking proximity and accessibility, as well as their own internal guidelines about business relationships, into consideration as they select applicants for potential pilots.

If a company submits an application and is not selected, will there be other opportunities to participate in future challenges?

We encourage companies that are not selected to follow the activities of the MedHealth Summit Committee by visiting the MedHealth Summit website. The MedHealth Summit Committee intends to host additional summits and events in the future, and encourages participating companies to stay involved.

If a company finds a host organization on its own, can it apply for participation in the MedHealth Challenge Pilot Program?

No. This challenge is exclusive to partnerships with the participating host organizations.

In our applications, should we address integration of IT with the host company?

If a Pilot Program participant company is selected to enter a pilot with a host company, integration of IT will be discussed during the project planning period.

Are applicants required to work exclusively with the listed host organizations? What if the applicant has other pilots or business relationships planned or already running?

Participation in this pilot program does not preclude an applicant from participation in other unrelated pilots or commercial relationships.

What if a company wants to do a pilot with multiple host organizations?

In the event that one applicant is selected by multiple host organizations, the applicant will be required to select one host organization.

How will the pilots be developed and administered?

Teams will describe their plans to roll out and oversee their pilot programs in a “joint project plan” (see questions 15 and 16 below). The selected companies and host organizations will collaboratively design, run, and measure outcomes of their specific pilot programs, as well as develop and execute any internal contractual relationships that are needed to facilitate them.

What is the joint project plan and why is it needed?

Once host organizations have selected their partners, the teams will create and submit joint project plans to the MedHealth Summit Committee. The plans will articulate the teams’ concrete plans for the pilot, including a project timeline, key milestones, and evaluation and project management plans. These proposals will help ensure that the pilots are well-thought out and viable.

How are joint project plans evaluated?

Joint project plans will be evaluated by external experts and the MedHealth Summit Committee to ensure that the plan and piloting approach is appropriate, feasible, and impactful. If necessary, the MedHealth Summit Committee will work with teams to strengthen or adjust portions of the joint proposal.

Does the selected company have to locate on-site at the host organization?

There is no requirement for applicants to be on-site for the duration of the pilot. However, applicants should expect to collaborate closely with the host organization, and this may require in-person meetings and periodic travel. These specific details should be worked out by the teams as part of their joint project plan.

How long will the pilots run?

The pilots will run for up to nine months.

What happens when the pilot period is complete?

Once the pilot is complete, teams will submit a written report to MSC detailing the projects’ results, successes, challenges, and considerations for further study. Host organizations may consider expanding or adopting the pilot intervention depending on the outcome of the pilot. By participating in the MedHealth Challenge, both host organizations and winning applicants commit to participating in various promotional activities for the MedHealth Summit.

How can companies ask questions about the MedHealth Challenge and host organizations before the applications are due?

Questions may be submitted to  until the application period closes on January 6, 2017 at 5pm EST. Responses will be posted on the MedHealth Summit website.

How will prize money be allocated and distributed for winners of the Pitch Competition?

The MedHealth Summit Committee will disburse funds to selected winners of the pitch competition within two weeks after the MedHealth Summit’s conclusion. Only legally-established and incorporated business entities will be eligible to receive funds.  Any in-kind services being offered as part of winning prizes will be arranged between service providers and winning companies. Introductions between winning companies and service providers will be facilitated, as needed by the MedHealth Summit Committee.

What are the awards and prizes for the pitch competition?

  • 1st PRIZE $20,000 ($10,000 cash + services + media)
  • 2nd PRIZE $10,000 ($5,000 cash + services + media)
  • 3rd PRIZE $5,000 ($2,500 cash + services + media)